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Our Story

Symbol Syndication was founded by Jonathan Hafichuk in 2014. Primarily a videography company at inception, he found the unique service of offering video with ad-management on YouTube and Facebook to be in increasing demand. With a goal to bring high quality video production at a great value to small businesses in Lethbridge and Calgary, he started building a client base.

As the company grew, so did the team and the services we provide. Today, we offer a full suite of digital marketing including online advertising, social media management, content creation, videography, photography, website development and workshops for businesses. 

Our Team

Jon • Owner / Director

It was video that first captured the heart of Jonathan Hafichuk. He had a passion for video since he received his first camcorder (around age ten). In 2006, Jon started shooting and editing parkour videos, which eventually inspired Symbol Syndication. It was clear early on he also had a strong entrepreneurial drive, and loved helping clients share their ideas and grow their businesses.

Today, these passions continue to inspire Jon to keep learning, and to remain informed about the innovation available to assist his clients in a rapidly changing market. The same child who loved shooting stop-motion lego movies is now proud to provide videography and editing to clients such as Pratt and Whitney, Sensorsoft, and VidWrx.

Liam • Videographer / Editor

Liam is a videographer and editor who studied New Media and Business Management at the University of Lethbridge. He joins us with extensive experience in the video industry, starting in 2011 with a family-run television show where he assisted in both the filming and editing process.

Liam specializes in video editing, while also offering valuable experience in graphic design, photography, and illustration. When he’s not at his desk, you can find him training parkour or wandering the coulees with his camera in hand.

Shay! • Social Media Marketer

Shay started her education in Utah, and graduated from the Business college in 2012. Since then she’s been working online to maximize potential on all social media platforms. She’s an expert in gaining followers, building organic search rankings, and creating interaction for all types of businesses. She’s worked with all types businesses including: Universities, Banks, Catering Companies, Family Services, Fitness Facilities, and Restaurants.

When she’s not playing on the computer you can find her travelling, taking pictures, climbing things, and sometimes reading psychological studies.

Maurice Research & Development Coordinator

Maurice brings his extensive experience in research to our team. His expertise is of great value in a market where data is driving the decisions we make in terms of design, advertising and budget allocation.

Maurice was born and raised in Ireland, where he earned a PhD in electrophysiology from the Queen’s University of Belfast. After working in scientific research in Hawaii for a time, he is now conducting Neuroscience research in Canada. When he’s not working on research pieces, he enjoys taekwondo, parkour, martial arts tricking, surfing, traveling, snowboarding, and anything outdoors.

Michelle Graphic Designer (Contract)

With over 10 years of experience in both print and digital graphic design, Michelle has a passion to create. From billboards and packaging to stationery and advertising materials, she was trained at SAIT in Calgary, AB to build for offset, digital, and large format presses. She also has a background in brand development and management, logo, and web design.

To balance the technical nature of graphics, she loves to paint and draw. She commissions works of folk art in all sizes (canvas, murals) and loves the challenge of experimenting with different subject matter. After serving her term on the Allied Arts Council Board of Directors, she has continued to volunteer and remain active in the arts in Lethbridge. She’ll also never turn down a good cappuccino.

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