Here are several video productions by Symbol Syndication primarily in Calgary and Lethbridge, Alberta:

Street Machine Weekend 2016

The event is organized entirely by the Street Wheelers Car Club. It is estimated that the members put in approximately 5,000 man-hours to plan and hold the show. The event in Lethbridge is promoted extensively through Alberta and advertised nationally to car enthusiasts. The Club promotes the city and the event at every car show its members attend.It is estimated that the event generates in excess of $2.2 million into the retail economy of Lethbridge. There are approximately 50,000 spectators drawn to the event each year.

Khaos Conditioning ltd

Khaos Conditioning offers local Lethbridge fitness classes that are fun and functional but also challenging. Be sure to go try a fitness class w your first one is always free. Whether your goal is weight loss, improved health and wellness or you just want to train for life, Khaos can help you reach your fitness goals.

Check out their website: Khaos.Fitness

Squash Pancakes with Harvest Haven

The Van Popta kids are at it again. This time they’re showing you how easy it is to make Harvest Haven Squash Pancakes. This is an easy and delicious recipe if you're looking for something to bake with squash. 

Avison Young- Commercial Real Estate

A video highlighting the newest West Lethbridge commercial development, the crossings.

Gone Wild Kennels- Calgary Alberta

It's play time at Gone Wild. Just north of Calgary Alberta this is the ideal location to leave your loved pets they have all the room to run, play, and love life while you're gone. If you do not believe us, watch the video and see for yourself. 

Sensorsoft - Monitoring an organic farm

Sensorsoft is a corporation based out of Ontario, Canada which manufactures sensors for a multitude of commercial uses. Their clients include Cisco, Microsoft, Boeing, Hewlett Packard, Harvard University and Honeywell. 

We produced this video for them to demonstrate some of the many uses of the technology, show customer testimonials and show how Sensorsoft technology can make a business owner's life easier. 

This video was shot on an organic farm south of Calgary, Alberta. 


 The Deadpool parkour and freerunning in real life video was by far the most creative and unique video to date. The results of our effort can be seen in the over 300,000 views this video has received. This video was shot in downtown Calgary. 

You can see the behind the scenes on our blog. 

Elevating Lives One Peak at a Time

 This was a powerful project to be involved with. This video is not meant only to bring light on Trevor and what his charity is, but to bring clarity to domestic violence as a whole. We were able to work with the YWCA in Lethbridge as well as many other people to make this project come alive. 

Lethbridge Dental clinic

Sometimes in videography we have interesting requests. When we initially talked to Dr. Chuck Galambos he, told us very clearly what we needed to do, which was, make dentistry interesting. In the industry of dental advertising, most dentists simply spend an outrageous amount of money on huge yellow page ads or other forms of traditional advertising. To make dentistry interesting, you often need to do one of two things. The video either needs to be gory or it needs to be funny. We did our best to meet both of these criteria. We made this short video to be engaging, entertaining and still have shock value. When we initially pitched the idea to Dr. Chuck, he loved it and said to roll with it. The video has now gotten over 29,000 views on Facebook. The local Lethbridge parkour team Anomaly Parkour provided all of the stunts for this video. 

BetterWay Construction Lethbridge Highlights

Symbol Syndication did a series of videos for BetterWay Construction which is a small construction and excavation business in Lethbridge. BetterWay Construction was started by James Sorochan after Sorochan Enterprises closed its doors in 2014. This video showcases the highlights of the footage we took of James working on a massive dugout excavation project. As a videographer, we try to be as creative as possible to make interesting and engaging videos which people want to watch. To do this with James we used a combination of Gopro shots, drone shots and DSLR footage. We put the Gopro both on James and his excavator to get the most interesting and creative angles possible. A big thanks to My World Photography for the drone shots on this project. 


Ammena Dance Company 2015 Show Highlights

Ammena Dance Company specializes in a wide variety of dance styles from Bellydance, Bollywood, Burlesque, Dance Hall, Ballet, street style jazz plus fun dance fitness classes to get you in great shape! We filmed their amazing year end show and produced DVDs for their dancers. They were a great business to work with and we were more than happy to do this highlight video for them to show off their amazing dance performances. 

We offer videography services in Calgary and Lethbridge if you have a dance show or performance you would like recorded. 

DJ Millz Skillz and SkiiTour

We produced this video of local DJ Millz Skillz who we have worked with in the past when he opened for Skiitour who are a DJ duo out of Whistler, British Columbia. This was a high energy show with lights, fake snow and lots of dancing and and fun. We love doing videos like this because it keeps videography interesting with the fun filming and editing. This event was produced by Zion Events and hosted by Inferno Nightclub in Lethbridge, Alberta. 

Umami Shop Canada - Saturday Tastings

Umami Shop is a local Lethbridge grocery store and deli which also serves delicious lunches. They source high quality, local and organic ingredients as much as they can. They are wonderful to work with and we are very happy to see their growth and success over the last year. We have been fortunate to do several videos for them.