Facebook Marketing

Did you know that Facebook is one of the world’s largest online platforms, holding more than 900 million users!? That shows the potential reach Facebook marketing provides. 

Every business and brand should take full advantage of social media marketing via free platforms, such as Facebook. Facebook marketing is a form of marketing which allows direct communication with current clients, new clients, colleagues, and the industry which your business is in. We believe that marketing your presence on social media is just as important as creating your presence. Below is a breakdown of five tips to help grow your Facebook following.

Five tips to help grow your Facebook following

facebook marketing techniques

  1. Invite your friends to like your Facebook Business or Brand Page.

Invite friends to like your business page. This is a form of advertising and will result in their friends liking your page as recommendations spread. If you’re not sure how, it’s simple: click community on the left side of your page and select the friends you wish to invite in the right hand side column.

  1. Host contests or giveaways that motivate people to like/follow your page.

Giveaways are going to give your business new awareness, connect with your target audience, and attract new page subscribers. The strategy behind this is to reach maximum exposure. Motivating people to share your page will speed up the process. This will increase your reach and can also be very cost effective. An example would be to giveaway a $50.00 Cineplex gift card in exchange for people tagging 2 friends and liking or sharing your post to their own pages. It’s likely their friends will re-share the post. But, if you do decide to run a contest, be sure to abide by Facebook’s contest rules!

  1. Encourage viewers to share your content.

Facebook marketing involves interacting with your clients. Don’t forget to ask your followers to share your content. Doing this will double your audience engagement.  It’s also important to return the favour and share your influencers’ content. You need to give to receive. Doing this will provide your followers with more content and give you an opportunity to build a relationship with influencers as well.

  1. Use Facebook Advertising.

Boosting and promoting ads is a great way to get more likes and engagement from a specific audience and can lead to great results if done correctly. You can target audiences using the demographics of your choice; age, interests, location, and behaviour, for a reasonable cost. One of the highlights of Facebook advertising is that it is in real-time. This means that you can monitor live results and adjust your ad accordingly if you are not happy with the results.

  1. Have creative content that can go viral.

Pushing content to go viral is the holy grail of content marketing and will increase your audience engagement rapidly. But this isn’t easy to do and requires quality material. There is no magic recipe to make something go viral, but with a combination of luck, strategy, and promotion, it can happen. Study your best performing content and come up with a strategy to reach a larger targeted audience. This will likely be in the form of paid advertising and promotions.

Check out these catchy headlines to help you reach a wider audience.

Facebook marketing can take time. Growing a following does not happen overnight but with continual engagement and an effective strategy, it will happen before you know it!