Videographer Services in Calgary, Alberta

The team at Symbol Syndication provides professional videography and editing services to clients from all over. With Calgary as our home base of operations, local consultations and local business projects are a breeze. Whether it’s promotional videos showcasing your products, public speaking and community events, or client testimonials about your business; our team has you covered.

We have over 6 years of experience helping market businesses to the masses with engaging videos that are in high demand to captivate today’s consumer market. We work with you directly in highlighting your business’s strengths and developing rich content you can use and reuse across all your social access points.

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Client Work Examples

Zoom Painting

Zoom Painting is a local business in Calgary, AB that we worked with in developing a professional video for both a home buyer or builder audience. Zoom Painting has since been able to use this video on their site, show clients a demonstration of their work, and reuse clips to populate their social media.

Calgary Kidsfest 2017

We had the amazing opportunity to be invited to the Calgary International Children’s Festival (Kidsfest) 32nd anniversary. Founded in 1987, Kidsfest has grown to become one of the most prominent non-profit arts festivals of its kind in Canada. Kidsfest is also the largest presenter of performing arts for young people in the Calgary area, showcasing a diverse range of local artisans and performing artists.

About Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is located in Western Canada as one of the two major municipalities of the province of Alberta. Located where the Bow River and the Elbow River meet, Calgary makes up the south of the province, made up of the province’s foothills and prairies. About 80 km west of Calgary is the Canadian Rockies, and roughly 299 km North you will find of the provinces capital, the city of Edmonton.

According to the census Canada in 2019 , the cities population is 1,285,711, which makes it not only Alberta’s largest city, but Canada’s largest Western city. This also makes it Canada’s third-largest municipality, only beat by Toronto and Montreal.