Videographer Services in Cochrane, Alberta

We are Symbol Syndication, a marketing group from Calgary, but our services are available everywhere. We love providing our video and editing services to those also in Cochrane! Additionally, we provide video coverage for a wide array of situations. For example, coverage of your special event pop-ups. We also cover tours of your storefronts. And we can also develop a case study on your product or service. For all your needs, we have you covered.

Corporate Slide for case studies

Client Work Examples

Sensorsoft Sensors For Farming

This is a quick demo video that we worked on with the folks at Sensorsoft. We demonstrated how a small farm can use the sensors and also the software. Also, we demonstrated how they can improve their manpower usage, effectiveness, and peace of mind. Hopefully, you enjoy this demo, but if anything, enjoy the adorable goats jumping around.

Litwiniuk and Company

Litwiniuk & Company is a local personal injury lawyer. They hired us to produce a 40-second promotional video. The video was then used to introduce the company at a culture awards gala. In the video, their criteria were to have an action movie theme. We looked at different movie trailers and also movies. We then used the criteria and modelled the footage after the Inception trailer.

We’d like to give a big thank you to Hummingbird Studios for helping create the music to tie the video altogether.

About Cochrane, Alberta

The town of Cochrane is located in the beautiful prairies of Alberta just West of one of it’s major cities, Calgary. Cochrane is considered to be one of the fastest-growing communities in Canada, with a population of 29,277 (according to a 2019 census of Calgary’s Metropolitan Region Board). This makes Cochrane one of Alberta’s largest towns since 2019.