Videographer Services in Drumheller, Alberta

The team at Symbol Syndication provides professional videography and editing services to clients from all over, including those in the famous Alberta badlands of Drumheller. Whether it’s drone coverage of the hoodoos, product or service demonstrations, or developing client testimonial videos for your business; our team has you covered.

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Client Work Examples

Ninja Warrior Parkour

Max Henry’s (our main Ninja) put together this Free Guide to Parkour:

Not surprisingly, there are a vast number of gimmick filled parkour videos, and more are being made by the day! One of the forefront parkour videos was Devinsupertramp’s release of his Assassin’s Creed in Real Life video that shot through the Youtube viral charts. Following this method, we made our own viral parkour concept, Deadpool Parkour in Real Life which was, from a vitality standpoint, a major success. Among the parkour community, these viral video attempts are met with disappointment due to their lack of “real” parkour. Which lead us to develop the Ninja Warrior Parkour video as a response to add more complicated tricks to the parkour inspired trend. That was when we enlisted Max Henry from New York to play our main ninja and even tried to curate a small storyline around the video’s development.

Fresh Fest 2018 – University of Lethbridge ULSU

We love shooting outdoor events and music festivals tops our list of exciting days at work. We were fortunate enough to be brought on board for a second year with the University of Lethbridge Students’ Union to film their campus welcome back event, Fresh Fest. Fresh Fest is an event that kicks off the semester on the university, giving students an opportunity to meet new faces before classes are in full swing. This was our official recap for them in 2018 which was filmed across 2 days of their outdoor jamboree and featured 12 different performing acts.

About Drumheller, Alberta

The famous fossil town of Drumheller is located along the Red Deer River valley in what is referred to as the badlands of Alberta, Canada. If you were to drive from Calgary, Drumheller is just 110km outside the city limits. Often referred to as Dinosaur Valley, the long stretch of town has an approximate width of 2 kilometres through the valley and a complete length of 28 kilometres.