Milk River, Alberta Videography Services

Our team at Symbol Syndication provides businesses with professional videography and editing services. We offer our services to business owners in Milk River and all also over Alberta. Visiting Milk River is amazing and also the adventures that can be had in Southern Alberta. We have taken on many projects, including a music video through writing on stone and also filming tours. We can also create videos showcasing your products or take drone footage of your acreage or farm. No matter your needs, we have you covered.

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Client Work Examples

Street Wheeler’s Street Machine Weekend 2017

One of our most successful video shoots has been the Street Machine Weekend. It has also been a fantastic experience working with the members of the Street Wheelers Car Club. Through a collective effort of their members amounting to over 5,000 man-hours, they put on a fantastic event. Not only is the event a consistent success, but it also receives national attention. Car enthusiasts from all over the country recognize the event, and members also promote the event as much as possible. The economic growth has also put around $2.2 million into Lethbridge’s retail economy. That is because of the 50,000 spectators in attendance each year.

The Harvest Haven Store – Take Two

It was extremely exciting to see the unveiling of our first client’s expansion to their operations. Harvest Haven started construction on the new storefront 11 years ago and also invited us along to film the first look at the new store.

About Milk River, Alberta

The town of Milk River is located in the prairies of Southern Alberta, just South of Lethbridge. The name was derived from the Milk River which flows immediately to the south of the town. This makes the town one of the few Canadian communities within the flow of the Mississippi River drainage system. It is also extremely close to the Canada U.S. border, just 16 kilometres away from the border connection. The town primarily acts as a service centre for many of the surrounding farms and cattle ranches.