Videographer Services in Okotoks, Alberta

We are proud to serve Okotoks and clients from all over. In fact, at Symbol Syndication we provide professional video editing and videography services. Additionally, we produce videos for a variety of events. For example, stunning recaps of local events, or safety demonstrations and training videos. Also, we produce rich media content that you are able to use across social media platforms. In short, our team at Symbol Syndication has you covered.

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Client Work Examples

Lethbridge Electronic Music Festival 2018 (LEMF)

Located in the heart of Lethbridge, the annual Lethbridge Electronic Music Festival takes place. In fact, the event showcases both local and international DJs. In order to showcase this event, we produced highlight videos for the festival for the past two years. This video also showcases our video editor Liam’s creativity. Liam also added exciting effects to the video. Additionally, it shows Liam’s creative transitions that match the vibe of the festival.

Hudsons Canada Video Content Creation

Hudsons Canada down in Lethbridge hired us on to film videos to promote different packages they offer to clients. Also, these events included birthdays, stags, and more. You can also see these videos playing on their TVs throughout Western Canada.

About Okotoks, Alberta

The town of Okotoks is located just south of Calgary in Alberta on the Sheep River. The town is a member of the Calgary Regional Partnership, which is a cooperative group of municipalities in the Calgary region. Okotoks has a population of 28,881 according to a 2016 census which makes it the largest town in Alberta.

Known as Big Rock, Okotoks is known as a bedroom community for Calgary. A bedroom community is a town where a good portion of the population commutes to another city. The city is also mostly residential rather than commercial or industrial. They also have an airport. As a result, this is one of the few towns that has an airport at that size.