Videographer Services in Pincher Creek, Alberta

Our professional team at Symbol Syndication is passionate about video production and editing. Because of this, we are proud to serve Pincher Creek with these services. Do you need videos for your business? For example, showcasing operations of your farm’s production or developing client testimonials? We also film music videos across the prairies along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Our team at Symbol Syndication has clients in Pincher Creek covered.

filming for singing in Pincher Creek

Client Work Examples

Fresh Fest 2018 – University of Lethbridge ULSU

The ULSU or University of Lethbridge Students’ Union hired us to capture footage of their amazing welcome back festival called Fresh Fest. In fact, we did two days of filming and compiled the clips together into one big highlight reel.

Run by students for students, the festival kicks off the new year for students before classes are in full swing. This allows students to meet all their new peers across multiple faculties. They are also able to form connections before their coursework makes it too difficult.

During Fresh Fest, the Students’ Union showcases several days of activities, including a 100ft slip n slide, pizza parties, cabarets, and of course the official jamboree. These help build relationships, introduce students to their new campus, and also start the university experience off the right way. Learn more:

Trak Kayak on Vancouver Island

Trak Kayaks is an amazing kayak company founded out of Airdrie Alberta. They brought us along to shoot some footage of them in action out on Vancouver Island near Nanaimo. In fact, they have been an exciting company to partner with on several adventure shoots over the past several years. We’ve also thoroughly enjoyed being a part of their journey creating the ultimate touring kayak. TRAK has been manufacturing portable performance kayaks since 2006.

About Pincher Creek, Alberta

Pincher Creek is located in the Southwest of Alberta, roughly 101 km west of the windy city of Lethbridge. If you’re in Pincher Creek, you’ll find yourself in the beautiful foothills of the Canadian Rockies. In fact, the foothills are known for having picturesque prairie views contrasted by serene mountain ranges in the distance. This has made it a popular spot for major film and videographer buffs for huge drone videos and major motion pictures. Including Interstellar and Ghostbusters Afterlife

This land was historically home to the Aboriginal clans of the BlackfootPeigan and Kootenai before Europeans inhabited the lands.

The town was aptly named in 1868 by a group of prospectors who lost a pincer in the small creek at this location. A pincer at the time was primarily used for trimming the feet of the horses and thus it sucked when they lost one of their tools. Several years later in 1874, the North-West Mounted Police ventured to the area where one of them discovered the rusting tools in the creek, and thus the area was deemed, Pincher Creek.