Why Colour Correct Your Footage?

What video looks like with and without colouring in the Squash Pancake video we did. We used a warm white-balance to make people feel more comfortable and happy. :)

video camera work

The importance of general online content:

This video we did for Harvest Haven had two purposes; the first was to promote/sell squash, and the second, and most important, was brand promotion. A video like this isn’t easily paid for by squash sales.

The benefit to a business in doing an engaging and fun video like this is building a following. If people see cute kids making a delicious recipe (the recipe also provides value) then they will be likely to follow a business on Facebook or other social media to see more content like this. Even if they don’t buy squash, they will be more receptive to future promotions and sales the business has. If they do decide to come buy squash, there is a very high chance the business can up-sell them and they will end up buying multiple other items and possibly become a loyal regular customer.

It only takes one regular cusomter created to pay for multiple videos!

With very minimal promotion, this video received over 6,700 views on Facebook. Head over to Harvest Haven’s page to check it out.

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