Why You Need a Website


0:35 Why you need to have a website for your business.
0:54 Having a website versus having social media accounts
1:20 Using social media to promote your website
1:48 What information and content you should have on your website
2:11 Photography to set you apart from your compeditors
3:05 Why hire a professional photographer
4:00 Why you have no excuse to have a website
4:05 WIX
4:23 Squarespace
4:33 Wordpress and controlling the internet
5:11 Hiring a media company to create a website using Squarespace or WordPress
6:06 Is building your own website a good use of your time?
6:50 Why you should be careful when your hire a company to build you a website
7:14 Research designers or media company that you are hiring and look at their portfolio and previous clients
7:25 Ease of changing your website yourself
8:15 Make sure you own your website and domain
8:45 Control your own hosting and host your own website
9:33 GoDaddy and doing your own hosting
9:50 Decide what your time is worth
10:06 Intro video on your website and why video is important
10:28 Video engagement
10:49 Three seconds
11.00 SEO and relevancy
11:24 Having a logo and branding
11:35 Brand consistency
12:15 The importance and value of branding

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In this video Jonathan Hafichuk from Symbol Syndication and Peter Fiorino talk about what is involved in creating your first website for your business and why a website is essential to marketing and branding.

Peter Fiorino is the founder of Mavick Media: www.Mavickmedia.com

Capitalizing on Content is a web series focusing on things new entrepreneurs and business owners might not know about online marketing, media production and using social media. We are going to have topics ranging from how to get clients as a creative to how to get your own amazing looking website at a low cost. Online marketing and video is the way of the future and businesses still advertising on bus benches are starting to struggle. More and more of people’s attention is spent on their phones on social media and email and less and less in real life. This means marketers need to buy a chunk of this attention and social media is one of the best ways to do that. Be sure to follow along as we give you tips to help your business build and online presence and reach your ideal clients.

Symbol Syndication can provide advice and services to help you using video for marketing. These can include video production, Facebook ad management, YouTube ad management, content creation and video search engine optimizing. We operate out of Lethbridge and Calgary, Alberta.