“Videos can attract a different audience, one that might not
want to take the time to read a white paper or an article.”

- Brick Marketing

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Event Videography

Types of Event Videography

Symbol Syndication offers professional event videography in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Event videography is quickly becoming one of our most sought after services with people looking for fun, creative and engaging ways to market and promote events. Professional video production has provided a fun way for event organizers to reach a larger audience and show off the atmosphere and vibe of an event before people attend the next one. With online media outlets like Youtube, the demand to create quality video productions of events with professional editing, sound design and motion graphics has become commonplace.

Filming of these events makes it easy for people who missed the event to relive the experience or to promote the event in the future.

Professional videography goes beyond simple personal cameras on tripods. Hiring Professionals to film your event means:

Example of a High Quality Videography shootHigh Quality Videography of running event

Past Events By Symbol Syndication

Conference & Convention Videography

Creating highlight videos of conferences & conventions has become common place to use as marketing material for brands and companies. In instances where conferences have a limited capacity, those who could not attend can be provided with a digital version of the proceedings. These videos can also be used to promote future conferences, conventions and provide an experience for people before they even show up. See an example of a convention highlight video we worked on here in Calgary:

Sports Events

Videography of sporting events is an excellent way to relive winning games and to analyze the performance of a team, or a competitor team during gameplay. We also often get hired to film athletes so they can use the footage to pitch potential sponsors or gain awareness. Catch that winning goal or the swift move that made it happen with sports event videography. See an example of Nascar event we shot for driver Brett Taylor at the Edmonton raceway.

Music Festivals and Concerts

Videography of musical concerts or musical performances is an excellent way to enable participants to capture the memory of the performance for years to come. We love opportunities to showcase incredible music talent through creative video production that gets people excited to attend future events and support the artists involved. See our examples from filming the Lethbridge Electronic Music Festival and Fresh Fest for the University of Lethbridge. 

Dance Shows and Recitals

After practising dance for a year and preparing for a dance show for months, performers often want to be able to watch and remember the show. We often get hired to do videography for dance performances and create digital copies, DVDs, or blue rays for the performers. By filming the performance with multiple professional quality cameras, we can switch between angles and provide a beautiful polished product for participants and other viewers to enjoy for years to come. 

Public Events

Calgary and Lethbridge have incredible annual  public events such as the Calgary Children’s Festival, Street Wheeler’s Street Machine Weekend and many more.  Showing the success of events and what took place in previous years encourages new attendees in forthcoming years. Contact Symbol Syndication for Event Videography. See an example of our previous videography at the Calgary Kidsfest 2017 and the Lethbridge Street Wheelers weekend.

Event Videography By Symbol Syndication

These are just some of the past event videography projects by Symbol Syndication. If you have an event you want professionally filmed, trust us to produce your event video. With quality and professionalism, you will have a video you will want to watch over and over. 

  • High Quality Video – We use professional film gear and lenses to capture footage that will make your event look stunning
  • Editing – We have several video editors on our team to ensure our clients a quality polished final product as well as a faster turn around time than many of our competitors in the video production industry
  • Quality Sound Recording – The importance of quality sound recording cannot be over-emphasized. Bad audio in a video will catch attention in the wrong way and distract viewers from what you want them to see. We do whatever we can to capture clean audio on site and then use software and technology to improve it in post and remove background noise such as wind, fans, etc. 
  • Motion Graphics and Special-Effects – Professionally designed titles, animated logos and careful use of transitions can make a substantial difference in how professional a video looks. If you want your brand to look professional, good design is a key element. This also gives an overall more enjoyable experience to the viewer. 
  • Music – The right selection of music can make or break a video and has a profound effect on viewer enjoyment. We typically source our music from a selection of libraries we pay or and licence it depending on what the client needs it for. For special projects, we sometimes even get music custom scored or recorded. Our process helps clients avoid having issues with copyright infringement when using their videos for online marketing.