The Art of Being Online

In an online world it’s hard to understand the difference between just being online, versus making a lasting impression.

In the business world today, we think it’s easy and we are able to handle everything because we “understand” the online world. Well that’s the simple fact, we don’t.

Every month Google updates and changes ever so slightly, some social media is bought and sold, or a new app is created all together. There is always change happening. 

So, how do you prepare for all that? By following trends and creating your own.

Trend Following vs. Trend Setting?

There is a grand difference between trend setters and trend followers.

When you are a Trend Follower you are watching what other businesses are doing in your area, and replicating what’s working for them. Therefore copying what they are doing in the hopes it will have the same results for you.

The problem here though this is they have a different business than you. That’s right. What you offer is different than them! No two businesses are the same (or they shouldn’t be at least) and therefore your online footprint shouldn’t be the same.

Trend Setters see what’s going on, think of something a little out of the box, and use use that as the building blocks to create their own marketing campaign. This is usually always rewarded online. People respond to new and different, because we like to see differences in businesses and what they are doing.

Let’s think back, my personal trend setter was Doritos! Do you remember 3 years back when they got their commercials from their chip lovers? How great of a mass scale was that!

For those of you who don’t remember please refer below:


What Trend Did Dorito’s Start?

With this idea it started the trend of mass user generated content which started flooding businesses everywhere. However, only a few months later people were sick of seeing user generated content, they wanted more.

Thus people who took too long and then finally decided to follow this trend, were once again left behind.

Being a trendsetter is of a greater value because it keeps you one step ahead of your competition, instead of following in their footsteps.

Be a trendsetter online, not a follower.

Try something new, maybe it will flop, or maybe just maybe it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made for your business.