How to Use Videos for Marketing


You’ve got a video made, or you made it yourself. YAY!

Well, what do you do now? How do you get the most out of your money and time, how do you ensure everyone will see it?

YouTube. Put your video on YouTube. If you don’t have a YouTube account, create one. YouTube ranks well with Google, and gives you the ability to embed the video which furthermore helps your video rank. YT also has clickable annotations, which means you can direct people to other videos, your website, or to subscribe to your channel. Then you can get a shortened link to post on any social media channel you use. However, do NOT post a direct YouTube link onto Facebook. Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t like external links. It’s much better to upload the video directly to Facebook as it will get a better organic reach, and you then can run ads with it.

Currently, Facebook video is a very powerful platform. Facebook advertising is very affordable and then you can advertise directly and target with your video. This ensures that the correct customers are seeing your video. This way you won’t spend money on all the wrong people.

Instagram is a great place for video as well, however, we recommend that you don’t post a video longer than 30 seconds. The reasons for this is people get frustrated with the fact that you cannot select a place in the video to go back to and rewatch, so if you have to wait for the whole video to start over you will lose interest. You can put the YouTube link in the profile section of your Bio, and this way you can say the link is in the bio. You will also want to mention the video in your Instagram story, you could take a picture, do a video of you talking, or whatever fits you and your business.

You can also do this on SnapChat

A blog article is powerful as well. This helps build the SEO on your website, and if you embed the video it brings the video SEO as well.. In case you didn’t notice, this blog you are reading is directly from the video we posted a few days ago.

Finally, use LinkedIn to promote your video, you can attach the YouTube link, this can help you reach professionals and you can also use it to promote your service.