Have you ever googled something and then saw this on the side?

Well that is Google+.

And believe it or not, it is important.

Why is that you may ask us, so let’s explore this.

How important is it for you to rank high on Google the search engine, if you answered, “Not important at all.” Then you may stop reading, because this will be targeted more to people trying to rank, and be found on Google.

Google+ may seem dead.. and that’s because it kind of is. Many people think that Google+ was an epic fail, and in some ways, it kind of was, but not in every way. It did not challenge Facebook they way it had wanted but it created a higher rating system for users using Google+ because it’s easier to find them. As a person, does it matter… well I mean if you want to be found easy.. then yeah sure, use it to your hearts desire… but as a business that means you MUST have a Google+ page.

Location tracking. When customers come into your business or use your services, when they share a picture from or with that location they can tag you in it… because of a Google+. Not to mention they can just search on Google maps on their phone and find you.. That’s what you need. People to find you, online and in person.

Google+ was BUILT for SEO. That means it’s important to you as a business owner. Twitter and Facebook have higher privacy settings meaning that search engines may not always index your posts from there, however when you share the same post on Google+ it’s indexed and categorized almost instantly. This means what you post can create a boost in your natural SEO.

Google + is EASY for SEO. It’s natural and it’s built in, that means you make a few content heavy posts a month, and BAM. They start to show up on Google, even better… back date them to your website, and WHAM BAM SEO is building with you only doing the bare minimum to keep it up.

Does this seem like it’s just an extra step for your social media and you simply don’t want to? At Symbol Syndication we have professional content creators, and design teams that can take care of all of that for you.

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