Part of the adventure of video for business is to produce the most artistic way to demonstrate what a company wants to showcase, however when they wish to feature the whole company we get the exciting task to collaborate and create their vision. Here we worked with Kale Gimblett, owner of Khaos Conditioning in Lethbridge, Alberta where they have a functional, fun fitness centre and were looking for an exciting training video to showcase their space.. We were able to create this video for them to represent what they are accomplishing by embracing the Khaos.

We produced this exciting video to show many of the aspects of the training at Khaos. It showcases clips from the warmup, multiple workout techniques and some of the things they do for ninja warrior and spartan race training. All of the workouts revolve around training which provides functional fitness applicable to every day life. Kale hires only highly educated and experienced personal trainers to ensure the highest quality of knowledge and training for his clients.

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