We market your ideas and connect you to your audience

Digital Marketing Solutions

Do you have a business idea, product, event, or service you need to promote? Would you like to expand your audience, increase leads and connect with your clients? We help businesses, entrepreneurs, public figures, and non-profits from a variety of disciplines do just that.

Using video, social media and online innovation we know how to create engaging content and media, and deliver trackable results. Each client will have unique needs and a different vision. We will create a solution with your specific objectives, and budget in mind.

Online Marketing

We provide SEO packages, Facebook advertising and Google Adword management, with proven results.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer on-site and off-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help clients get found online, primarily through Google, by potential customers searching for their products or services.

Facebook Advertising

We create visuals, set up and promote your goods and services on Facebook, to a pre-defined targeted audience.

Google Adwords

Our Google Adwords packages are bespoke, created for each unique client. The needs of one business will be entirely different from the next. For example, re-marketing and design for ads is sometimes required, while in some cases the Adwords campaign can be quite simple to get the desired result.

Social Media

Content Creation and Management

We have experience creating custom graphics and content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Medium, StumbleUpon, and Tumblr. Some businesses use all of these channels, while others use a select few. Regardless of your social presence, we can help create engaging campaigns, regular post schedules and connect you with your followers—all while growing your audience and collecting valuable data for your business.

Website Design

We offer a range of web development options to suit your needs, from basic templated product, to full-custom wordpress or e-commerce.

Basic Squarespace Site

Are you in need of a website that can be produced quickly and affordably, with a pre-defined template? Squarespace is a service that could work wonderfully for you. There are limitations with the product (minimal control over design and functionality, very few add-ons and plugins available). Squarespace sites are mobile and SEO friendly and can be beautifully designed, out of the box. We have experience assembling Squarespace sites for many clients. Some of our favourites so far (click to see our work online):

WordPress, E-Commerce and Full Custom

We are pleased to offer WordPress website development. Semi custom and full custom design available, with the powerful WordPress content management system. E-commerce is available using WordPress, Shopify, or full custom options. If your needs are specific, or if you require custom development to allow for unique functionality, we can help. Some of our favourites so far (click to see our work online):


We love sharing what we’ve learned with business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to grow their online presence. If you are looking to do your own video, photography or online marketing, we offer consulting services with your specific business needs in mind. Contact us for more information!


Learn how you can capture video and use it to market your business online, with the tools you have on hand!

Social Media

Are you new to the social-media-for-business realm? Curious about setting up business pages, and how to create engaging posts and campaigns? We can help you get started and start building your audience.

Speaking Engagements

Do you have a small staff or group that would benefit from coaching on social media best-practice, and online marketing? If you have an upcoming event and would like to have Jonathan Hafichuk share what he’s learned, and speak about trends and innovations, contact him directly to set up a meeting to discuss your needs!