We market your ideas and connect you to your audience

Do you have a business idea, product, event, or service you need to promote? Would you like to expand your audience, increase leads and connect with your clients? We help businesses, entrepreneurs, public figures, and non-profits from a variety of disciplines do just that.

Using video, social media and online innovation we know how to create engaging content and media, and deliver trackable results. Each client will have unique needs and a different vision. We will create a solution with your specific objectives, and budget in mind.

Online Marketing

Based in Calgary, SEO services by our team is available not only in Calgary but all over the United States and Canada. We offer SEO packages, Facebook advertising and Google AdWords management, with proven results.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer on-site and also off-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. We want to help clients get found online by also ranking higher on Google. For example, customers will find you by searching for your products or services.

Online Marketing

Why choose us?

Our online marketing process

Learn about your business

We will talk with you and have a discussion about your business. What markets you are targeting, learning your specific niche. We will also discuss what you can expect and your goals for the project.

Keyword and industry research

Our team will find what keywords your site ranks for, and what keywords competitors in your industry rank for. We also use that information to find areas of improvement for your site. This research will also give us a better understanding of your industry and how to create a custom plan for your business.

Perform site audits

We will then analyze your site and find any SEO issues and technical issues that may be there. For example, slow page load times, large image sizes, meta descriptions and more. These audits are then used to improve your site.

Create content

One of the best ways to improve traffic is high-quality content. Our team will create content that fits your business’s industry with well-researched articles with high authority. These articles will increase traffic and turn it into leads.

Acquire links

Links building is a great way to improve your ranking on Google. Our team will contact websites to get your site linked to them. Our goal is to improve your backlinks with high-quality backlinks to provide long-lasting results.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has incredible reach. Advertising on Facebook helps your business build a following online, promoting repeat business. We create visuals, set up and promote your goods and services on Facebook, to a pre-defined targeted audience.

Google AdWords

Our professional team manages Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Our Google AdWords packages are bespoke. We custom make unique advertisements for each client. The needs of one business will then be different from the next. For example, re-marketing and design for ads are sometimes required. While in some cases the AdWords campaign can be quite simple to get the desired result.


We love sharing what we’ve learned with you. We want to help if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or anyone also looking to grow their online presence. If you are looking to do your own video, photography or also online marketing, we can help. We offer consulting services with your specific business needs in mind. Contact us for more information!


Learn how you can capture video and use it to market your business online, with the tools you have on hand!

Social Media

Are you new to the social-media-for-business realm? Curious about also setting up business pages? And also create engaging posts and campaigns? We can also help you get started and start building your audience.

Speaking Engagements

Do you have a small team that needs social media coaching? We provide coaching on best practices and also online marketing. Jonathan Hafichuk would like to come to your event and share what he has learned. He will speak on trends and also innovations. Contact him directly to set up a meeting to discuss your needs!