Why You Should Be Networking… Still.

Many people think once they get their business up and running, that’s all they need.

Let’s say they have a good social media presence, and they leave it at that… YOU ARE STILL MISSING PEOPLE. There are people you could and should be reaching through good old fashion networking. When it comes to life it’s all about who you know, and who they know.

Think back to a time when someone said they had a problem.. for example… Suzy says she needs new yoga pants. What company are you going to recommend, and why?

Chances are you are recommending a product or a service based on your experience or the experience someone else has shared with you. This is why you need to continue your networking.

And before you say it.. yes, you have time for it.

There is always time for things that are important to you, and growing your business should be one of the most important things to you right now. GROW GROW GROW.

Okay, how do you start networking, because it’s weird and awkward to have to meet face to face these days.

Have you heard of Meet up? It’s all over Canada and the United States and its free get-togethers (usually after work hours at a pub) Where people network. It’s basically speed dating for businesses. Sometimes they even have lunch hour groups.

BNI– Business Networking groups that are paid to be involved, there’s only one person with anyone seat for a business, and this is a commitment as they are usually at 7 am, and you must attend all meetings, or you may not be asked to come back. This is also a finical commitment as it costs money to join.

Coworking spaces– Here’s a great place to meet like-minded individuals in the digital world. Anyone who freelances ends up using a coworking space.

LinkedIn– If all else fails, and you aren’t sure how to do it in person, LinkedIn is a great place to meet professionals who are looking to build their business (more on this topic in a later blog).

So there you have it! It’s time to get out there and Network!

Comment on some ideas that have worked for you when it comes to Networking!