Video Walk Through with Clark Paul

We love doing video walk throughs! Maybe it’s because we get to use our drone, or maybe it’s because we get the chance to explore houses from all generations, and it gives us the unique challenge to create a video that flows, and draws attention.

Just this past week we were able to work with Clark Paul from RE/MAX Real Estate from Lethbridge Alberta to showcase one of the homes he is selling. We brought our drone, our Gimble, and many cameras for video, as well as photography. This was the bundled package of video and photography for the whole home.

Then we uploaded it to Facebook started a small ad campaign and went away. A few short days later we came back to glance at the stats and they blew us away! 6,000 people reached, 4,700 views, 42 shares, and 30 likes, with a few loves. WOW! If that doesn’t show you the power of video marketing we don’t know what will!

Check out the video below.