Why Social Media Marketing Needed for You and Your Business.

Around 1.65 billion people are active on Facebook.

1.65 Billion. 

That’s a lot of people that you could be targeting to get your brand, product, or service out to potential customers or clients. This is a highly concentrated amount of people in an area with interests listed on their profiles.

Social Media Marketing is like an online dating site, you target people who have similar interests in what you can offer, you interact with those people, and you seal the deal.

How does it work exactly? Well, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are the most valued for getting a brand name into the right hands. Proper placement of ads, campaigns, and content gets your company into the public eye. There are many brands such as LayBag who got their brand to go viral based on an epic video of a unique product. All social medias are run online, and therefore work to build up your online data. Meaning as more content goes online about you, the higher Google will want to place you on searches. Because the more you know, the more you can help others who are searching for things you may know about.

Think of the last time you searched for something on Google, like a place to go eat dinner for example. How many pages of Google did you look through before you found where you would go? For me, if I can’t find my answer within the first 5 places on the first page of Google, I tighten my search, meaning I look for a specific type of food. Many people do this for businesses. Here is where a proper online presence is needed.

This works wonders with a healthy balance of carefully worded Google Plus posts, Youtube Videos, and Facebook Ads. The combination allows Google to see you are active, that people trust you, and that you are a legitimate business.

So a quick 5 reasons why you and your business need social media marketing.

  1.  It’s a quick and efficient way to reach mass amounts of people.
  2.  You can tailor your target market and run ads for less than any other advertising source.
  3. It builds your online presence making it so more people trust in you and your business.
  4.  It attracts millennials; if that’s your thing. You also can have more fun with marketing there are event videos, photography, instagram clips, contests, and competitions all that drive engagement.
  5.  It’s easy, affordable, and you can track and see instant results from your marketing firm.
  6.  ** A Bonus** Here at Symbol Syndication we do it all, from managing your Social Media, to teaching you how to run your own. We do videos, photos, and uploads, run ads, and help you specifically target your market. We are the next generation of marketers, and we are here to help you. By running Social Media marketing we help get your name out into the online world, we create content, and posts dedicated to driving your interests for your companies.

You need social media marketing because it’s the path the younger generations are finding business. For some buisness owners, this could potentially be an added full time job. In these cases if you do not have the staff or capabilities in running your socials full time, you may be able to look into virtual assistants to help mitigate this task.