The Ambition Project

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Calgary Entrepreneurs

The Ambition project is a video series in which we interview successful and ambitious Calgary entrepreneurs and talk to them about their struggles, what they’ve had to overcome on their journey and valuable insights they have to share with up and coming business owners. The series will premiere on September 18th, 2018. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube to not miss upcoming episodes.

Graham Sherman – Starting the Alberta Craft Beer Revolution – The Ambition Project Ep 1

Graham Sherman didn’t come from money. No one gave him a permission slip that said, “Hey Graham, you’re going to be a successful entrepreneur!” Graham struggles with the same human issues as the rest of us. From risking everything to finding the balance between family and business, Graham discusses the origins of Tool Shed Brewery, his love for Craft Beer, and how his approach to a successful business was to strengthen the people of the Calgary Community.