The Cost of Video Production

As a producer and videographer, I know firsthand that video production can be expensive. The price of good cameras with quality lenses is no joke. You might think you can buy a 4K hand camera for $800 and get a great result, but it’s just not the same as using a professional camera. Professional cameras also have many benefits. These include larger sensors, better low-light performance, and other features that allow for greater creative control.

Camera equipment

Onboard lenses are limited in how they control depth of field, focus, and other critical aspects of the image. Professional lenses also offer much greater control over the final image. They do this by allowing for greater creative freedom and higher-quality results. But with these great tools comes great responsibility – you need to know what to do with them.

Video software

Video editing software can also be quite costly. Sure, there are free or low-cost options available, but if you want to produce professional-grade content, you need to invest in the right tools. Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro can cost upwards of $500. Plus, you need to invest your time and effort into learning how to use it properly. Even with free solutions like DaVinci Resolve, you will need to spend a lot of time learning the software to edit a video. That’s where an experienced editor comes in handy. They can do in minutes what a producer and camera operator might take hours or days to do.

Why experience is important

But even with the right equipment and software, producing a great video requires much more than just pressing record. It requires an artistic eye for detail, the ability to capture the right moments, and a good understanding of lighting and composition. A great videographer can tell a compelling story through their camera lens, and that skill comes with years of practice and experience.


So, why is video production so expensive? It’s the combination of the high cost of equipment, software, and the expertise required to produce high-quality content. But the investment is worth it if you want to produce a successful video campaign. I may have limited skills in editing, but I know the value of investing in an experienced editor who can bring my vision to life. It’s all part of the process of creating something amazing.

About the Author: Jeremy Ballantine

Jeremy is the Production Manager at Symbol Syndication. He has been involved in live-event managment for over 20 years. He is experienced in all steps of production, from brainstorming to delivery, and is comfortable both in front and behind the camera. Jeremy can be found playing Disc Golf with his dogs and being the biggest nerd in the office in his free time.