Video Marketing as a Key to Success:
The Most Momentous Stats and Facts

Becoming successful with your brand always requires hardships and a lot of work. Most business people, however, manage to understand the utter importance of quality name branding, top-notch marketing, putting in major efforts into being different and creative, and so on. If you have a top-tier product, how should you present it to potential customers adequately?

The digital marketing world always works on creating better strategies that will keep evolving with the times. Video marketing has been a standout method for a long time. This is due to its versatility and applicability to most platforms and media. In the stunning infographic also found below, we managed to squeeze as much useful info as possible. Here’s a quick look at some of the key facts.

9 Key Stats and Facts About Video Marketing

  • The overall use of video on a website’s landing page will raise its conversion by 80% on average. 
  • Video marketing has a great ROI. Statistically, about 83% of businesses worldwide are very happy with their video ROI rate. 
  • Around 77% of businesses equip their social media with video-based marketing. 86% of them provide video content on their websites. 
  • Platforms that people put the largest amounts of ad money into are the following: YouTube (88% of marketers use it for video campaigns), Facebook (78%), Instagram (67%), Twitter (43%), and Snapchat (10%).
  • Most consumers watch video content to review or get familiar with products before buying them. Popular purposes of watching videos include unwinding and relaxing, getting culturally or intellectually richer. Also, it includes exploring future travel destinations and picking up a new hobby or interest.
  • Visitors typically spend an average of 2.6 times more time on websites that put out video content than those which do not. 
  • Adults in the United States spend an average of six out of 24 hours consuming video content in some way.
  • Facebook is a video giant. Its daily average reach is 500 million unique viewers, who generate more than 8 billion views. 
  • Video marketing is an enormously profiting industry. By projections, the annual amount of money put into advertising through this medium will reach $130 billion by 2023.
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How Does Video Affect Marketing?

As previously mentioned, a vital aspect of strong video-based marketing campaigns is a bold social media appearance. Videos from popular publishers sometimes get sponsored by advertisers. Other times, brands make their organic videos. Still, no matter what the source of the video ad is, the generated traffic is enormous, and both publishers and advertisers win.

Forbes said that millennials, as the largest audience, have the most influence on the video marketing industry. This is because about 84% of them base their purchasing decisions on videos.

Videos put out by brands themselves also do very well in terms of gaining revenue. Statistics say that roughly 81% of consumers’ purchases were influenced by video ads at least once. 

The preferred way of communication from brands to consumers is still audio-visual. It is the key to potential customers’ attention since it is much easier to grasp. According to another study published by Forbes, the attention span is the main reason why up to 4 times more consumers prefer video content about a service or product over a few paragraphs about it. 

Businesswise, choosing to put out video content promoting your brand’s product or service gives your customers a full impression of what you care for. It also shows the hard work and money you put into your brand. It shows in numbers as well. 64% of all consumers reveal there are higher chances of them purchasing a product when seeing a video about it.

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Bottom Line

Overall, the only thing that can hold you back is your imagination when it comes to video ads and their format. We live in an age of previously unwitnessed level of technological advancement. That advancement gave us the best video recording and editing tools. As a result, we can make our dreams become reality. 

Still, it is better to keep it effective through simplicity. If you succeed, you could rake in some massive revenue from video. There is a lot to get to, so let’s keep reading the infographic that follows.