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Showcase your Company’s Services, Vision and Successes Through Corporate Video

Use your corporate video to showcase your company, your history, your achievements, your skills and stand out beyond the competition. 

We create best in class corporate videos designed to engage and acquire clients, express quality and professionalism. Build trust in your clients and strength in your brand by telling your corporate story.

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About Corporate Video

Why do you need a corporate video?

Corporate videos showcase a company’s services, vision, highlights, growth, successes, qualifications & experience. 

Using the medium of corporate video, clients get an engaging insight into the company and get inspired about what a collaboration can achieve. 

When and how is a corporate video used?

A corporate video is best used during a client’s research stage while they compare various options. A corporate video allows you to provide the client with a lot of emotion stirring, inspiring content, to give you the decisive edge over the competition. 

In addition to the portfolio, corporate videos are frequently placed on the homepage of a companies website as it provides a means of delivering a large amount of information quickly excluding the need for a potential client to read a large amount of text and interpret images.

What are the Key Features of a Corporate Video?

  • Professional Video content – showing professionalism and delivering the sense of quality
  • Company’s story, vision and services – to know the what and why of your company
  • The company’s establishment & evolutionary milestones – showing experience and 
  • Previous achievements and collaborations
  • Short video with high content efficiency

Corporate Video Production

What makes a good corporate video?

Good corporate videos generate client confidence in the company. Video content should include aspects of quality, services or products offered, highlighted information about products and/or services and short enough to get the point across without overloading with information. 

What is the Corporate Video Production Process

As with all video production, there are three primary stages of corporate video production:

  1. Pre-production – We begin by researching the business to identify all the features that should be highlighted on video. Our production team develop a plan for the video and present it to the company. 
  2. Video production – Once a production plan is agreed upon, we begin creating the content and formulating the video.
  3. Post-production – Final editing, effects and sound, animation, voice-over (if applicable) etc. Following presentation to the client, final changes (if any) may also be made. 

Our aim is to minimise the amount of time we take from a client so they can focus on running the company. We strive to incorporate the client’s ideas and guide them in the process using our experience. Adding creativity and enriching content leaves us with a perfect polished profile of your company to deliver to your next clients. 

Corporate Training Videos

Corporate training videos are used as a method of training people within the corporation with ease. There are many benefits to using corporate video for training:

  1. Train large amounts of people with ease
  2. Video allows you to illustrate multiple scenarios, locations, equipment that may not be available in person.
  3. Video allows you to use animations to provide examples of scenarios that are complicated to recreate e.g. building fire.
  4. Video is more engaging than images or text. Get large amounts of information across easily without overwhelming the trainee with pages of text. 
  5. Studies show that video provides higher information retention values than other forms of information transfer. 
  6. Video provides more accessibility options and flexibility in timing meaning training could potentially be done anytime and anywhere.
  7. Unlike lengthy presentations and courses, video can be paused by the trainee so the information can be absorbed on demand. 
  8. Video provides a face to a company which can be very impactful. New trainees can be positively influenced by the CEO of a company taking the time to appear in a training video. 

Promotional Corporate Video

Video is an excellent medium to provide promotional content about a company. It can be used in advertisements, engage audiences and get the message across quicker than other methods. Show your successes and the quality of your product or service. These can also include testimonials from clients to express quality and inspire confidence in the company. 

Product & Service Video

Product video can provide demonstrations on the use of products and services in addition to instructions on how to use them. This simplifies the product for clients allowing the use of diagrams and animations.

Trade Show Coverage

Expand your audience by making a corporate video of a tradeshow you attended so your audience can see your company offerings without attending the trade show. 

Public Announcements/Business News

For many companies, speaking to your client base is an essential part of business. Corporate video provides you with a medium for speaking to your clients on a broad scale. Fans of a corporation like to be kept aware of the newest developments. Think of how Apple® announces the release of new technology. This builds product publicity and generates demand and anticipation prior to product release. 

Have symbol syndication generate your corporate video to build the anticipation of your product release. 

Our Company

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