Drone Video and Photography Services

“Everyone’s sort of the same height when you’re looking from a bird’s eye view”
– Marcus Dunstan

Special thanks to our drone pilot Eric Gonzalez for the Calgary drone footage.

Example of a High Quality Videography shoot
High Quality Videography of running event
Drone footage of a house

Drone Video in Calgary and Southern Alberta

Symbol Syndication’s team has expert drone pilots to help you capture the photos or videos you need for your project. Our team has the certifications required to abide by Transportation Canada guidelines and legally fly drones within controlled airspace. Our pilots have had extensive practice capturing both photos and videos in challenging conditions such as cold, tight quarters, through trees and valleys and between buildings.

Drone Videography Calgary

Aerial video is becoming more and more prominent because of the incredible versatility drones give you for video production. 

Drones are being used for all sorts of projects ranging from real estate to land development and mapping, to training videos, and to creative pursuits such as music videos and action packed commercials. 

We have experience using drones to create cinematic videos for social media, we’ve used them in music videos such as this one, and to showcase amazing businesses. Aerial videography provided a viewpoint and a wow factor that is difficult to achieve with other methods. 

Simply owning a drone doesn’t necessarily mean someone can capture amazing video. The way the shots are framed, the way the camera movements are made (smooth and controlled and not jerky), and even using the proper settings can have a major impact on the quality of the final video project. Our drone pilots are also experienced videographers who know how to make things look good. We work carefully with our clients to help them bring maximum value to their project with aerial video.

Drone Regulations and Safety

Canada has some of the strictest drone regulations in the world. Drone regulations control a wide range of things including height you can fly, distance from bystanders, proximity to emergency operations, how far from airports you can be and flight within controlled airspace. With proper certification and training, pilots can fly within controlled airspace and have more freedom. Often times things such as communication with air traffic control are required to ensure a safe and legal flight.

Drone Photography Calgary

Drone photography is commonly used in both commercial and residential real estate. It can be used by farmers to help map land or count livestock and drone photos can be an amazing way to capture a family property or building to print and remember.