Educational Video Production

“Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.”
– B.F Skinner

Provide Remote Training and Resources

Symbol Syndication offers video production and live-streaming services to help educational institutions and businesses provide remote training and resources.

Educational institutions are seeing an increasing need to offer remote options for students especially in the wake of Covid-19. Some classes and resources are more difficult to provide remotely than others. This is where our services come in.

Symbol Syndication provides two options to help educators bring quality materials to students remotely:

Option 1: Live Streaming

The first option is to live stream classes, labs and training programs so students can watch from home and interact via chat on platforms such as Zoom. This is the same or very similar to a webinar.

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With a livestream we provide multiple camera angles, professional audio and manage the software to broadcast the stream online.

High Quality Videography of running event

Option 2: Pre-Recording Lessons

The second option is to film lessons in advance. This is typically the choice we recommend as it gives the presenter, and the institution, the most control over the product and results in better quality.

How this works, is we come in and film a video of the lesson, presenter, lab etc and then edit it including improving audio, cutting footage overtop to ensure the best angle, sometimes adding titles and motion graphics and improving color in post.

Once the lesson videos are produced, the presenter or organization can request revisions before the lessons are released to the students. This obviously isn’t possible for live productions and any mistakes made while a video is live, won’t be able to be removed.

Once the lesson production is complete and lessons are approved, the organization can release them as if they were live and stream them via an online platform. This gives the instructor the ability to pause the video and answer student questions and engage with them.

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