“You just need one person to listen, get your message, and pass it on to someone else. And you’ve doubled your audience.”

– Robert Gerrish

Local Solutions For Podcast Production

Podcasts are home to some of the most influential speakers, thought leaders, and story tellers in todays information age. They provide a platform for every interest under the sun and because they are free to access, the audience a podcast can reach is virtually endless. According to a 2020 consumer report by the Edison Research Group,Podcasts now reach over 100 million Americans every month”, and it continues to rise.

This is why so many businesses are moving towards developing their own unique podcast series. A podcast allows you to showcase your talents, welcome on high profile guests, discuss new ideas, provide proof of concept for a business, and more! Not only does this amplify trust in your services, it also lays the foundation for growing an audience that regularly goes to you for information.

When done right, podcasts can grow to be self sustaining, make strong business connections, and even drive a profit for your business.

How Can Symbol Syndication Support My Podcast

Through The Ambition Project, our team has refined our podcasting experience by using the most effective tools to produce a high quality podcast. In our studio we have two AT2035 Condenser Microphones and an SSL 2+ Audio Interface, making a nice light-weight set up for our podcasting guests to use.

On top of our audio recording and post-production services, we can also help elevate your podcasting experience through added video recording and editing options as well. With that you are able to launch your episodes on more platforms, cross-promote to your official podcast page, and create rich media ads to drive traffic to your content.

Content like this:

How Much For A Podcast Recording Session?

Audio recording sessions are $80/hr

Audio & Video recording sessions are $180/hr
(Editing services available, packages vary based on final product needs)

Sessions are limited to 2 individuals per recording session and must have one of our technicians present to operate the recording equipment.

In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we ensure that all our equipment is cleaned before and after each recording session. We ask all our clients that if they do feel ill before a studio session that they contact our team and reschedule their time for a later day at no extra charge.

For available times and recording packages, please reach out for a quote.

Example of a High Quality Videography shoot
High Quality Videography of running event
High Quality Videography of running event
High Quality Videography of running event

Past Podcasting Examples By Symbol Syndication