Why You Need a Website

Having a website is having a strong foundation for your business. This is the first place people go when they are looking at a business, it’s like having an online receptionist. Yes, social media gets viewed more, but this is your foundation.

Social media is more for quick bits of information rather than all your services, and who you are.

Not having a website is like not having a sign on your store in a business downtown area.

What you need on your Website

  • All your contact information, Phone, address, email address, contact form.
  • Mind blowing content. Great high quality pictures.
  • Your services and who you are
  • Blog with updated content

Places your website can be created.

  • Wix a great place to have your website that friendly and can integrate many apps into it.
  • Squarespace a little pricey monthly, however these are working better and better for
  • WordPress owns 25% of the web. This would be created by a professional who codes and customizes everything you do.

What’s your time worth to you?

Make sure your time and money is going where it should be going. You can hire an agency to create a website for you. But there’s some things you should be careful of.

  • Make sure you see their portfolio.
  • Ask them what platform you’ll be on
  • Ask them how you can edit it when they are not around.
  • What your budget is and what you are getting.
  • Make sure you own your domain and you can control the hosting of your website.

Case Study Video Work

Great idea on your website, have an intro video and what your business does.


A lot of people don’t want to read all the text.  Videos get about 80% more engagement. This really let’s people know who you are right off the bat. An extra 3- 10 seconds with someone on your website, makes a huge difference in SEO and allowing your website to be ranked.

Websites are difficult to engage people.

Branding. You need a logo that catches peoples eye, and you need consistent branding.

We know we just threw a lot of information at you, if you feel stressed, give us a call, we would love to give you a free consultation on your current website or maybe you need a website.

You can watch the full video here: