Episode 1: Capitalizing on Content

Let’s jump right in.

1. Facebook is Free. Really… can you get better than a free service for your business that basically guarantees you won’t lose anything. No money goes into Facebook unless you want it to.

2. People look for businesses on Facebook. Yes, sometimes people are searching Facebook more so than Google. This means if you aren’t on Facebook, then you are missing people coming to you.

3. People look for reviews on Facebook. Sometimes other people are ready and willing to tell the world what a wonderful product or service you offer. They rate you. Whether it’s on YELP or on Facebook, they will find a way. Why not make it easy on everyone, and your profile, and have a Facebook place where reviews can be so other people are more willing to come to your business.

4. Customers can see your services and products. Yes, this means they are getting excited about you before they even come into the store. They are coming to you ready and willing to be part of your community. This is a warm lead, and those are good. So therefore Facebook is good.

5. Humans spend a TON of time on Facebook. Marketing is all about getting people’s attention. Let’s be honest… where are people’s attention? If you say, “Yes… they are stopping to smell the roses and also to look at that bus bench!” I may come over there and smack you. NO! They are not. People spend time online.. because it’s easier.  People are on Facebook. It’s a fact of life whether you want to admit it or not.

6. Media belongs on Facebook. Facebook was built to host your media. It was also built to advertise for you! Let it do its job. Upload pictures, post cute memes, share cat videos, this is what Facebook is for.. and if it’s bringing your brand awareness, that’s an upside!

7. Facebook Advertising is powerful and affordable. There is nowhere else on the planet that you can advertise for so little and still hit so many people. Even if you are just boosting a post for $1. That’s still AMAZING!

8. Facebook helps your SEO and Google search results. Google has started crawling Facebook pages to authentic business profiles. Meaning… you being on Facebook makes it easier for your customers to then find you on a Google search, and COME ON everyone wants that!

9. Directions to your location usually come from Facebook. On a mobile device, a person can also get directions straight to your location/event based on Facebook. That’s just nifty!


Because 1.23 billion people use Facebook every day!

Your customers are there. Just believe me.