YWCA Elevating Lives, One Peak at a Time

Each of us go through struggles in our lives, and we get the choice to allow those struggles to define us, or give us our determination to create a change. We had the powerful opportunity to work this project with the YWCA in Lethbridge and Trevor Stuart, representing Elevating Lives On Peak at a Time.

This project is to help stop domestic violence and bring attention to the cause. Trevor’s next and final peak will be Everest.

To see more about Trevor’s cause look here: http://trevorstuart.ywcalethbridge.org/


We would like to thank Blake Evernden for help with the makeup and lighting, The girls from the  YWCA Lethbridge District as well as Trevor Stuart to make this whole project possible and to be the change this world needs to see.

We are truly grateful to help with such a wonderful and humbling project.

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