Behind the Scenes footage of the YWCA

You think you are prepared to face what work brings. But what happens when work is emotional, and instead of filming a wedding, you film someone talking about abuse. How do you react?

This powerful video made couldn’t have happened without Trevor’s voice. Without his story, this whole project wouldn’t exist. We knew the YWCA wanted to tell a story, they wanted people to see and understand the impact domestic violence has on everyone. The numbers are high within communities as well as the community of Lethbridge Alberta. Together we created the video that was posted. (See Here ) This included video included the dark lighting which instantly brings your eyes to the young girl with bruises. (Thanks to make up artist Blake Evernden). The video as a whole moves through the true story of a young girl who experienced violence in her home. While she’s talking we see posters of last year’s statistics of violence. This created the powerful attention-grabbing, heart-wrenching mood we needed.

The entire time shooting we needed to be a somber mood in order to keep faces and voices the way that it should be to stay in context. The girls were amazing once we brought them to this lever, however, where things got interesting is when we needed the girls to appear happy and excited. Luckily we have a wonderful assistant, who told a joke, and the girls, as well as everyone in the room, couldn’t stop laughing. It’s a good thing we did the somber shots first.

These young girls were amazing at keeping in the moment and willing to react the way we had asked. Even though the video is dark, and in dark lighting notice the almost spotlight feeling, we wanted this as a subtle background to bring the idea that we are shining a light on domestic violence. Because in the light, things can’t hide.

Finally, we needed Trevor’s story. This involves understanding where he was coming from and how this whole idea started. Through this interview, we were able to understand and love Trevor even more for how he chose to live his life, and the lives that he is changing every day.

If you want to get to know Trevor a little better, check out his self-made video below!

Thank you again to everyone who made this video possible. This one of the most humbling projects our team has been involved with.